The Facts of Life for Men That the Opponents of Equal Rights Don’t Want You to Know Until It’s Too Late

Written by a woman who believes that
equal rights require equal responsibilities

  • Child support is not based on your ability to pay.
    The state can and does set child support awards at levels that exceed what federal law allows to be withheld from your wages. The excess becomes arrears accruing interest. You can be labeled a “deadbeat dad” in spite of having 65% of your wages automatically deducted for child support. (Can you live on 35% of your take-home pay?)
  • You can be forced to pay child support for a child that DNA tests prove is not yours.
    Studies indicate that 20% of children may not be biologically related to the man whose name is on the birth certificate. But once named the father, you must challenge paternity within the time limit set by law. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay child support until the child is an adult even if DNA tests later prove that you are not the father and you have no current relationship with the child. (And you can’t sue the mother for fraud. Crime pays if you’re a woman.)
  • A woman’s body is your destiny.
    Once you have sex with a woman (willingly or not), you can be forced to become a parent against your will and forced to submit your body to involuntary service on her behalf for eighteen years or longer even if it kills you. She alone has “choice” to decide if your child is born or aborted, and if the child is born you can be forced to pay for her choice. She may also unilaterally renounce her parental rights and responsibilities (and yours too), but you may not unilaterally renounce your parental responsibilities.In one survey, 33% of women polled admitted that they would get pregnant over the man’s objections.
  • Being raped by a woman or tricked into impregnating her will not excuse you from paying child support.
    You will be required to reward her financially for her assault on your body even if you are a minor under the age of consent or were asleep or unconscious when she sexually assaulted you.
  • Child support does not have to be spent on the child.
    It is perfectly legal for your ex-wife to spend “child support” on drinking and gambling.If the child support received by the custodial parent exceeds the actual cost of raising the child (which it often does), she gets to pocket the difference as a state-sanctioned form of tax-free alimony.
  • The needs of subsequent children are not grounds for reducing child support for the legally privileged first-born child.
    You can have 65% of your pay withheld as child support for one child (even if DNA tests prove that it is not yours), while a younger child that is yours has to survive on what you have left. It makes no difference if the first-born lives in luxury while the second-born lives in squalor.
  • You have a “right” to pay child support but no right to be a parent.
    Nearly 40% of noncustodial fathers have no court-ordered parenting time. Those that do have court-ordered parenting time find that the police do not enforce the court order, and most judges do not punish violations by the mother.
  • Mothers are granted sole physical custody of their children 76% of the time.
    This is in spite of studies which show that a child living without the biological father is much more likely to go to prison, take drugs, become an unwed parent, drop out of school, run away, become homeless, need professional psychological help, commit suicide, or be abused and neglected or even killed by the mother and/or her live-in boyfriend or new husband. Women commit the majority of physical abuse of children, and are twice as likely as men to kill their own children.
  • Very few absent fathers are absent by choice.
    Some are dead or in jail. Most (about 90%) cite the mother’s actions as the primary reason that they don’t see their kids anymore. 40% of custodial mothers admit to interfering with “visitation”, and many judges will neither uphold their own court orders nor award conduct-based legal fees to stop the interference. 30% of absent fathers cite financial hardship as a primary reason for absence. After paying child support, they have nothing left to spend on “visitation”, especially if the mother moved the children away. Only 3% do not want a relationship with their children.
  • Mothers’ requests to move away are nearly always granted by judges.
    Judges presume that the parent moving away has the child’s best interest at heart when she destroys or severely weakens the child’s relationships with his or her father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends, classmates, and nearly every other significant person in the child’s life.
  • Most studies show that women are more likely than men to initiate domestic violence, but men rarely report it to police.
    Would you call the police if you knew that they were trained to assume that you are the guilty party instead of the female aggressor? Male victims of abuse are treated much like rape victims were treated fifty years ago: they’re embarrassed, they’re afraid to report it, the police blame the victim, they’re not believed, they get no sympathy.
    At least the rape victims didn’t have to worry about being arrested. All it takes to send an innocent man to jail is the perjured testimony of a manipulative female domestic abuser.
  • Some women in custody/parenting-time disputes deliberately provoke fights or make false accusations of abuse in order to gain the enormous legal benefits of an order for protection.
    Over half of the abuse accusations made in the context of a custody dispute are false. Once accused, you are presumed guilty and treated accordingly. You will not be awarded damages if you prove that the charge was fabricated.
    Never plead guilty if falsely accused!
  • Women are not held to an adult standard of accountability.
    Judges do not hold women to the same high standard to which men are held in legal matters. Women are rarely prosecuted or required to pay restitution for their misconduct in domestic-related legal proceedings. They are allowed to use their children as a shield from accountability — to the children’s harm. The misguided chivalry of gender-biased judges encourages women to act in ways that hurt children.
  • The suicide rate of divorced men is ten times that of divorced women.
    How happy would you be if you lost the children that you love, your property, your reputation, your credit rating, most of your income, and your right to live as a free man? Even if you could afford an attorney, the gender bias and nearly total disregard for constitutional rights in family court means that you have no legal recourse.Domestic homicides increase dramatically at the time of a breakup, but many feminists would have you believe that gross injustice is not a motivating factor. The American Revolution was fought over lesser injustices than those that are routinely experienced by men in family court.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
— Edmund Burke

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